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Collecting all of the Base Set Exclusives

Written by Porpman

Imagine this:

You're an avid Star Wars collector in search of the elusive complete collection of PocketModels. You think you've got it and then BLAM! You find out that there was a promotional card you didn't know existed. It occurs to you that there may be others that you don't know about as well!

Luckily, this won't happen to you, because you have this guide to help you find all of the promotional units and exclusive cards in the base set of Star Wars PocketModels.

The first exclusives to hunt down involve the Imperial Power-Up Pack (IPuP) and the mail-in offers contained within it. At the time of this article, there are three different varieties of IPuP with slightly different contents. They are sold in three different locations: Local Gaming Stores, Target, and Walmart/Meijer. (note: There have been issues finding these at Target and Walmart since not every Target or Walmart location has carried the boosters or IPuPs, and once they're out they're out in many circumstances.)

IPuPs all have identical contents except for:

Please see the Gallery for more details on the unit and card stats.

The different IPuPs can be distinguished by the sticker (or lack thereof) on the bottom of the box:

Thank you to Greenosaur for this image found in this thread.

Each mail-in requires the original order form and three booster wrappers with the UPC codes completely intact. There is no known limit to the number of order forms that are allowed to be sent in, however all order forms should be sent in individually with their required wrappers. As long as the UPC code is mostly intact (see this thread on the WizKids forum for details) or taped together it should be sufficient.


The next group to obtain includes Promotional Give-Aways and Prize Support. There are 7 different cards (and no ships) in this group. They are:

Each of the above cards has 3 versions: a normal non-foil version (found in boosters), a foil version, and a foil version with the word "WINNER" written in foil. The image on the two foil versions is different from the non-foil image. The other text and the collector numbers are identical, and the cards function exactly the same in play. Because the collector numbers are identical between varients, it is not a way around the "Rule of 3".

The foil variant of the #091 Darth Vader was aquired by venues if they ordered 3 cases at release. It was to be used as prize support for release day events. Most venues just gave them away with a purchase, or something similar. The other six were sent to venues that ordered 6 cases at release. Those were meant to be used for Venue events with an Envoy, though many venues simply gave them away as they did with Darth Vader. You can ask your LGS if they have the prize support and how they distribute it.

There were also free promotional packs that could be obtained from participating venues after printing out a coupon found on These packs included ship card 001(also obtainable in boosters) and two random cards. Most of the cards in the packs were common cards, but a few foils and rares have been reported. That offer ended on 7/31/07, though some venues still have a limited supply.

The last group includes exclusives that were sold or distributed only at conventions.

Currently, the only exclusive in this category is the P04 Celebration IV Millennium Falcon. This could only be obtained by the purchase of a Celebration IV Tin at the Celebration IV events in California and Europe. A few have since been made available as prizes for contests at San Diego Comic Con and contests on this site.

The differences between the P04 CIV Millennium Falcon and the 023 Millennium Falcon are:

  • The CIV has Attack +3 and the normal one has Attack +4
  • The CIV has and while the normal one has , and
  • The CIV has no faction affiliation, whereas the normal one is Rebel. (May not be a big deal now due to the lack of rules pertaining to affiliation, but might change in the future)

The CIV Falcon can be visually identified by the blue paintjob inspired by its brief cameo in Episode III, by the 30th Celebration icon on the base, and the wording "Star Wars Celebration Exclusive 2007" on the underside of the base. More information about the cameo can be found here.

Hopefully, this article helps to shed some light on the mystery of the promotionals and exclusives! Thank you for taking the time to read, and may the information serve you well.

Look forward to more articles like this as new sets are released.