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Organized Play Returns

WizKids would like to thank all our retailers for supporting our Star Wars PocketModel TCG. Our first Clone Wars product released July 26, 2008, and has done very well, giving multiple generations of fans a fun game that takes them into the Star Wars universe. On November 12, we are releasing Star Wars: Clone Wars Tactics, which is timed to follow the DVD release of the The Clone Wars movie (November 11). We expect that fan interest in Clone Wars will be high, and so we have sent a Star Wars AT-AT MegaModel and Clone Wars sample packs to help retailers promote the game.

Players can use our Store Locator to find local organized play events near them, or call their local store to find more information.

In December and January, stores can receive exclusive Clone Wars organized play prize packages including new MegaModels, chrome PocketModels, rare foil cards, and a new playmat. So keep checking at local stores for details.

Check back here for more information on the Clone Wars 2009 Organized Play program and news about Star Wars: Clone Wars Conquest coming in February!