Author Topic: SWPM previews revisited  (Read 1344 times)

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SWPM previews revisited
« on: August 22, 2009, 09:51:29 AM »
In an effort to archive the articles submitted by our Rules Arbitrator, Porpman, I am posting the articles that were seen on the main WizKids site, but that have now been lost. Images are missing because the text was taken from a cache image of the site before it was shut down, and then recently restarted. However, I will be working on getting those fixed, as well.

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Clone Wars: Tactics - Preview #1
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2009, 09:53:03 AM »
Clone Wars Tactics Preview

"Listen up, troops! The enemy is on the move. They?re everywhere, and we don?t know where they?ll strike next. A battle line has to be maintained or our most precious resources are in danger. We?ll fight the enemy across the galaxy and hit them in their exposed tender places, leaving them nowhere to hide. When the time is right, we?ll break out the big guns."

-- Fleet Commander Porpman

Artillery Power Match Icon

They?re coming and you need to keep them at bay. The hostile front has been impenetrable and the war is becoming costly. You need to soften them up to slam them while they?re weak. It?s time to call in the big guns.

Never before have units been able to attack across zone lines. With the new Artillery Power Match Icon, you can pummel your enemies units from a distance. Be cautioned though; while you may be attacking from relative safety, a brilliant tactic from your opponent may turn the tables on you!


K33 Division ? Hailfire Droid (rare ? CWT #14a)

K33 Division ? Tri-droid (rare ? CWT #13a)

The K33 Division was one of the primary combatants during the Battle of Geonosis, and throughout the Clone Wars. They supplied numerous units in a wide variety of roles. Working together they formed a force that was considerably formidable.

Few Separatist units were as feared as the Hailfire Droid. Destruction surrounded these beasts as they tore through the battlefield, laying waste near and far. It was not uncommon for an opponent to take fire without even knowing where it came from. The K33 Division employs a version with both deadly Torpedo ability, and far-reaching Artillery. With a moderate defense coupled with reasonable attack, damage, and shields, this unit is a steal at a cost of only two stars.

Towards the end of the Clone Wars, Tri-droids made their appearance to the dismay of the opposition. These walking death-dealers were known for ripping apart infantry and vehicle alike. The critical statistics are comparable with other three star units, but the K33 Division sets itself apart as it utilizes the best of the Torpedo and Battle Droid abilities while bringing Artillery to crush the enemy from range.

Sanctuary III ? Republic Medical Frigate (uncommon ? CWT #9)

As the war wages on, the wounded need care. It?s not enough to get them the medical attention they need, but they need to be protected as they heal or the effort is wasted. These sanctuaries were not only well armored, but could defend themselves in a pinch.

The Sanctuary III is one of these safe havens. This four star capital unit is worth every star. Though the damage and defense is not as large as other units of its size, that is not where this unit shines. When you hit, you?ll do more damage than a typical comparable unit, and that?s before adding in the Turbolaser icon ability. When you get hit, your opponent will see where you?ve really got him pinned. If facing down a shield rating higher than any other previously seen for its size isn?t intimidating enough, add the Droid icon and the opponent will see this unit for the juggernaut it is.

Vultures Claw ? Trandoshan Scavenger (rare ? CWT #19)

Every war has its scum; those who would profit from the loss and destruction all around. The Clone Wars were no exception. Sifting through the debris are scavengers, picking at the remains of derelict ships for anything of value.

The Vultures Claw was successful at this venture for a time. Defending itself from rivals was not a problem for this scavenger. When an opponent would attack, they would be met with resistance. The accuracy displayed by this unit isn?t what enemies fear; it the resilience. The moderate defense and damage of this three star unit are complimented with a respectable shield rating. Mitigating the damage with the Droid icon, moving allies around with the Transport icon, and throwing in a surprise Ruthless ability will catch your opponent off guard long enough to get the advantage.

38th Armored Division ? SPHA-T (rare ? CWT #16)

Goliaths on the battlefield, the SPHA-T?s were death walking, moving slow but hitting hard. These fearsome artillery units were seen throughout the Clone Wars. Few enemies could withstand the full brunt of an all-out attack.

The 38th Armored Division utilized these to great effect. They could be seen on the battlefield launching great visible shots at their distant targets. A well-rounded unit in all statistics, this four star unit has its own advantage. Not only is it Armored, but when it fires its main gun at a foe in a neighboring zone, it can cause damage to virtually any enemy with its two Artillery icons.

212th Attack Battalion ? Clone Artillery Cannon (rare ? CWT #15b)

The hammers of the battlefield were the mobile artillery; sturdy forces that are able to dig in and cause the opponent to waste soldier after soldier trying to bring it down. Similar in design almost mockingly to the Separatist spider droids, these weapons platforms were without clear equal.

Land the 212th Attack Battalion into action and feel its power. Not only is it able to attack the opposition with its Artillery icon, but it can deal with closer threats as well. An enemy finds itself up against a unit with a sturdy balance of statistics for a three star unit, as well as the daunting Elite and Blaster abilities.

Personal Bio:
Porpman is a long time Star Wars geek, and has been playing Star Wars PocketModel TCG since the first release.
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Re: SWPM previews revisited
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Wow, this is great! Didn't read it yet, but its just like good old times. Maybe we can do something like this for GAID.

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Re: SWPM previews revisited
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Awesome job there! Can't wait 'til the others!
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