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Question for WizKids Arbitration Official
« on: July 27, 2012, 12:06:08 PM »
Hey Porpman, a question regarding legitimacy of the names of card and unit material in the SWPM game as it relates to on-screen material in The Clone Wars show (and subsequently all other canon material) has been raised.

As this is an issue being brought up on the Star Wars wiki, Wookieepedia, this is a matter that is receiving attention worldwide and will reflect on the legitimacy of the game and this, its official website.

If possible, could you explain as a "former employee" how SWPM units'/cards were actual previews of TCW series episodes. For instance, that certain units recognizable by shape/color/etc. in the series were named and identified prior to airing of TCW film and Cartoon Network episodes.

This issue is an extension of the expression of the idea that the SWPM game stands apart from the canon of the SW films and TV-shows, and that could lead to the suggestion that SWPM was not sanctioned by George Lucas or Dave Filoni to apply names or labels to TCW characters/units (or to other canon film/novel/comic etc. material, for that matter).

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Re: Question for WizKids Arbitration Official
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2012, 12:23:17 PM »
Sure thing!

I can verify as a preview writer, and from my interactions with WizKids during the periods up to and during new set releases, that the materials were provided to WK by Lucas in advance for the creation of new units and cards for new expansions. The Clone Wars SWPM series of expansions are based completely on the unfolding Clone Wars cartoon series. The names and colors schemes were provided and approved prior to launch by Lucas Arts, and WK adjusted them accordingly immediately before production. As a play tester for the new sets, I can also verify that the names and colors used are canon (assuming there were no errors in design or production), and that Lucas even protected the identity of unit and card names by not releasing the real ones until immediately before production; the play test materials that I had to use were often alias names created by WK (or provided by Lucas) until the real names became available because of this.

Hope that helps!

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