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promo list
« on: August 13, 2012, 04:06:15 PM »
can we make a promo list and add it to the 'content' topic?

I just haven't all the numbers from the producer.

Only knowing:

Base Promo with the 001  (PP748)

S&V PRomo with Tie Fighter 006 (PP847)

Clone Wars Promo with cw 07 (PP863)

is there one with B-Wings?

Clone Wars promo with exclusive P06 ? (PP895) normal P06 with 'thank you' is: PP796

other decks?


P05 in a promo pack?

what is with:

silver   31 LE   CW   R   501st Legion   Republic   Republic Gunship
gold       34 LE    CW   R   Twilight   Republic   G9 Rigger Freighter

thanks a lot

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