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Site Clean-up
« on: August 13, 2012, 02:26:07 AM »

 As the site continues in it's 5th year it has become necessary to "tidy up" some of the sub-forums.

To that end many aged or spurious posts have been removed from the topics to allow the information to be clear & not hidden amongst page after page of "yes I agree" posts.

Some topics have been moved to a more suitable sub-forum or in the case of duplicated lists have been consolidated into 1 post.

Also, some old trade pages have been removed - these pages have not been visited in over 4 years, the posts' authors likewise have not visited the site for over 4 years.

The site is still active [although a shadow of its former self] & it is still THE online resource for SWPM, which is still being discovered by Star Wars fans & gamers young & old.

New posts/topics are welcome on the site & new-members/lurkers are encouraged to join in, get posting your observations & trade lists & keep Pocketmodels alive!!


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