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Republic/Elite Theme Fleet
« on: August 09, 2013, 05:53:09 PM »
 I like to play themed fleets whenever possible & have wanted to put together a  :republic: :elite: build that could work well & contained cards & units upto & including Clone Wars Tactics.

I wanted it to have a classy Cap ship - a named Jedi ship to "lead" & a mix of Clone units both ground & space & staying as true to :elite: as possible.

So here is the :republic: Resolute :elite: Ground Assault Fleet



[sh]o13a[/sh]  212 Attack Battalion  :elite: x2
[sh]o13b[/sh]  21st Nova Corps :elite:  x2
[sh]o13c[/sh]  41st Elite Corps  :elite:  x2
[sh]sv03d[/sh]  Red Squadron  :elite:  x2

   :star: :star:

[sh]o10a[/sh]  212th Attack Battalion  :elite: :armor:  x1
[sh]cw35b[/sh]  Anakin & Ahsoka's Y Wing  :elite: :command:  x1

   :star: :star: :star:

[sh]o07[/sh]  21st Nova Corps  :elite: :armor: :transport:  x1

CWT11  -  38th Armored Division - Republic Attack Shuttle  
+2 ATK  8 DEF  1 DAM    4 SHIELDS   :armor: :transport: :elite:    x2

   :star: :star: :star: :star:

[sh]o14[/sh]  212th Attack Battalion  :elite: :transport: :armor:  x1

   :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

[sh]cw36[/sh]  Resolute  :turbo: :carrier: :command:  x1

Total = 15 units  -  mixed ground [x9] & space [x6]  -  all  :republic:  

 14 of 15 units have :elite: with some :armor: 5 :transport: 4 :carrier: 1 & :command: 2

Combat Cards  x 11/19

Base Set

[c]049[/c]  x2
[c]084[/c]  x1


[c]ga065[/c]  x2

Order 66

[c]o004[/c]  x2
[c]o016[/c]  x2
[c]o021[/c]  x2
[c]o045[/c]  x3

S & V

[c]sv022[/c]  x2

Clone Wars

[c]cw017[/c]  x1

Clone Wars Tactics

43 - Commander Gree  +1 DAM   :elite:   +1 Damage
                                                       +2 Damage instead against :confed: units    x1

53 - Ahsoka               +1 ATK   :command:   If the opposing unit is destroyed, remove a damage counter from each friendly unit in this zone.    x1

Objectives  x6/11

[c]108[/c]   x2

[c]109[/c]    x2

[c]sv039[/c]   x2

[c]cw075[/c]   x2

[c]cw076[/c]   x2

[c]cw102[/c]   x1

Total = 30 Cards

 :elite:    x8
 :transport:    x4
 :command:    x1
 :carrier:    x2
 :luck:    x3
 :force:    x1

Objective = 11

Admittedly there are a few more rare units & cards [7 Rare cards & 6 Rare units] involved than I would necessarily like for a themed fleet but they do all work well with the cards I've chosen for the build in an attempt to stay with a :republic: :elite: theme.

Although there is only 1 :command: combat card included in the deck I opted for Resolute as it is a great Cap ship for a :republic: build & it's  :command: icon helped to dictate which Jedi unit to include which then meant I wanted to include at least 1 Combat card each for the 2 named Jedi's which again worked well for the chosen combat cards.

The only combat card I'm not entirely sure about is Call For Help as it's not entirely a Clone card as it were - however it does work well for this build.

It?s not perfect that?s for sure but it is playable - now to scour the Galaxy looking for any pesky  :confed: that might be out there ...

Discussion, suggestions, additions/removals welcomed.  :)


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