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The Library section of this site strives to contain all the information available for the Star Wars PocketModels game. For starters, the Downloads section contains various files such as the Official Rules, FAQ, and custom spreadsheets.

Check out custom made Play Mats, links to other PocketModels related sites, or even a few videos.


Interviews Interview with Mike Elliott (Aug 07)
Ground Assault Video Interviews (Sept 07)

Clone Wars (July 2008)
Release Details (April '08) - NEW

Scum and Villainy (May 2008)
Announcement in Game Trader (Feb '08)
Scum & Villainy Ships Preview (May '08) - NEW

Order 66 (March 2008)
Order 66 Ships Preview (Feb '08)
Order 66 Cards Preview (Feb '08)
Announcement in Previews (Nov '07)
Force Unleashed Tin (Dec '07)

Ground Assault
Gencon 2007 Wrap-up
Kidzworld Ground Assault Preview
Pre-release Prize Announced
New Information from Game Trade Magazine (Jul 07)
Ground Assault Press Release

Base Set
Walkthrough for New Players
Deck and Fleet Construction Guide (.pdf)
Collecting all the Exclusives Review
Free Packs Promotion A Success
Base Set Press Release
Force Walkers Deck Build

Secret Weapons (TBA 2008)

Galaxy at War (TBA 2008)